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Happy Happy Friday!  I had a post all set yesterday with some of the articles I’ve enjoyed reading this week but, as I mentioned, there was a blog fail and the entire post was deleted.
Chicago Views
Chicago Views
How are you spending your weekend? I am checking out a new Japanese restaurant in Chicago with some friends and then plan on spending a lot of time on wordpress and errands. If I get a chance, I will be heading to some touristy parts of Chicago to share with you my thoughts on anxiety and crowd levels on a weekend. It is supposed to rain all weekend so all of my golf plans have been spoiled.

I’ve been crushing very hard on North America recently, and spending a ton of time reading articles on destinations across this great continent.  Having very limited vacation days, there is much to see without having to cross an ocean, and I’m finally coming around to that idea.  Here are some of the articles I really enjoyed this week:
-Susan at Gen-X Traveler wrote a great piece about traveling with a chronic illness.  The inconveniences of being away from home are so trivial when compared to the necessity of preparedness with a chronic illness.  Her resilience and refusal to be victimized is so inspiring!
-Bob’s website The Traveling Fool highlights historical travel, and his article on the 6 castles where you can stay overnight in America really piques my architectural interest. Without a monarchy, it this is the great way to enjoy some of the celebrity of days past in America.
-Jaynie at Backpacking Detours wrote an article about how great Lake Tahoe is during the summer.  Her story is what I wish I could have experienced when I was there!
This piece from Alexa at 52 Perfect Days has made Villa del Palmar number one on my list for possible getaways this winter.  I have only been to Mexico once…I was 19, it was Puerta Vallerta, and I have a feeling Loreto at 30ish will be a much different experience. I am starting to plant the seed now to get my family on board for a warm weather destination this winter!

Finally, I will be heading to Huntsville, Alabama in a couple of months for the Travel Bloggers Exchange Conference.  Fun fact: one of my best friends moved to Huntsville in 2011 and I’ve visited her twice.  My first time to Alabama was five years ago this week, something Facebook reminded me of with a little memory post.  Will you be attending #TBEX this year? Let me know!

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