Life and Links: March 2017

It’s Friday! I’m so excited for the weekend.  My best friend lives just a few blocks away from me, but I haven’t seen her in about two months. I’ll be spending some time babysitting her daughter this weekend and that is a real highlight for me.  Chicago kind of plunged back into winter this week, so I plan to use my Chicago City Pass to do some research for a forthcoming blog post.
Monroe Harbor
I hope to spend more time blogging about activities in Chicago now that winter is over.  Real talk: I was the victim of a few (count ’em: three) property crimes in Chicago this winter and became pretty reluctant to leave my house on foot.  Now that the sun stays out longer, I feel better about venturing out.  In the meantime, here are a few interesting posts that I have been reading, hope you enjoy your weekend!

Naomi at Roaming The Americas wrote a great in-depth guide about responsible travel in the Maine Highlands.  I lived in Maine for six months with my first job out of college, and unfortunately, I spent more time driving to Boston or New York than I did exploring Maine. It sounds like the perfect quiet travel getaway.  I wish I had spent more time driving up into Maine; when I finally get the chance, I’m definitely using Naomi’s guides!

Mikkel from Sometimes Home wrote a piece that literally made my mouth water.  I love sushi so her detailed experience at Japan’s best/most renowned sushi bar had me hanging on each word and photo. Although it doesn’t sound like it’s a perfect place for anxious travelers, I think it would be a case where my belly won out.  I love sushi and want to go to Japan desperately, but my boyfriend HATES sushi so I’d have to leave him at home. I’m pretty sure my friend Shilpa would join me for an epic eating tour of Japan.
Here I am in Saõ Miguel, in the Azores. If you don’t know where that is, check out my articles on the Azores.

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