9 Reasons Why the Azores are the Best Place to Visit in Europe

Name the group of nine European islands merely four-and-a-half hours from Boston Logan Airport. Stumped? You are not alone.  Most of America has never heard of the Azores, couldn’t locate them on a map, and wouldn’t know what part of Europe claims them as countrymen.  For the few who do know of the Atlantic eden 900 miles west of Portugal, this zion […]

5 Practical Tips for Visiting Lisbon

5 Tips for Visiting Portugal

  It seems like U.S. tourists discovered Po​​rtugal in the last year.  No matter what social media platform you use, you probably saw an explosion of coverage for this majestic land. The capital city of Lisbon provides a great introduction to the country, with a manageable population of 600,000 people in the city proper.  Beautifully tiled buildings, rolling hills, […]

Hotel Review: Max Brown Hotel Canal District, Amsterdam

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You know how you can search for hours to find the right hotel online? It always happens with a prayer and a click, and then you hope it works out.  That’s how I ended up at the Max Brown Hotel in the Canal District of Amsterdam.  A 34-room boutique hotel based out of Germany, the Max Brown Hotel-Canal  is the ideal location […]

I Woke up Screaming the First Night of my Solo Trip Abroad

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I planned my first solo international trip to Amsterdam five weeks before I left.  I planned my travel around a direct flight and also, around using the IAmsterdam Card.  Last year, I spent Thanksgiving weekend in London with a friend, but this year, everyone was busy.  Although I speak French, I wanted to try somewhere other than Paris. […]