9 Reasons Why the Azores are the Best Place to Visit in Europe

Name the group of nine European islands merely four-and-a-half hours from Boston Logan Airport. Stumped? You are not alone.  Most of America has never heard of the Azores, couldn’t locate them on a map, and wouldn’t know what part of Europe claims them as countrymen.  For the few who do know of the Atlantic eden 900 miles west of Portugal, this zion […]

Underrated Places in the U.S.A.

America's Most Underrated Places to Visit

If you’ve followed me for a bit, you know that I like to focus on quiet travel for the anxious or adaptive traveler.  I tend to search for underrated places outside of major cities.  Unfortunately, the time constraints of my business isn’t always conducive to remote travel.  Cities are crowded, can be bogged down by hair-pulling […]