No Longer Afraid of Deep Sea Fishing

Afraid of Deep Sea Fishing

This is easy for me to write now that I am no longer afraid of deep sea fishing. Beforehand, it seemed impossible. For a person with an anxiety disorder, the world is full of unfounded, crippling fears.  Having a fear of deep water or the ocean is not crazy.  Extreme depths, deadly sea creatures and the […]

9 Reasons Why the Azores are the Best Place to Visit in Europe

Name the group of nine European islands merely four-and-a-half hours from Boston Logan Airport. Stumped? You are not alone.  Most of America has never heard of the Azores, couldn’t locate them on a map, and wouldn’t know what part of Europe claims them as countrymen.  For the few who do know of the Atlantic eden 900 miles west of Portugal, this zion […]