No Longer Afraid of Deep Sea Fishing

Afraid of Deep Sea Fishing

This is easy for me to write now that I am no longer afraid of deep sea fishing. Beforehand, it seemed impossible. For a person with an anxiety disorder, the world is full of unfounded, crippling fears.  Having a fear of deep water or the ocean is not crazy.  Extreme depths, deadly sea creatures and the […]

9 Reasons Why the Azores are the Best Place to Visit in Europe

Name the group of nine European islands merely four-and-a-half hours from Boston Logan Airport. Stumped? You are not alone.  Most of America has never heard of the Azores, couldn’t locate them on a map, and wouldn’t know what part of Europe claims them as countrymen.  For the few who do know of the Atlantic eden 900 miles west of Portugal, this zion […]

5 Practical Tips for Visiting Lisbon

5 Tips for Visiting Portugal

  It seems like U.S. tourists discovered Po​​rtugal in the last year.  No matter what social media platform you use, you probably saw an explosion of coverage for this majestic land. The capital city of Lisbon provides a great introduction to the country, with a manageable population of 600,000 people in the city proper.  Beautifully tiled buildings, rolling hills, […]

7 Rainy Day Activities in Chicago

Chicago at Sunrise

The worst part of a rainy day is trying to find something to do without being overrun by crowds. Finding uncrowded rainy day activities in Chicago is no different.  Movie theatres are out of the question, and major museums and attractions may have lines for hours.  It’s one of the burdens of living in a city: […]